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How to Excel as an Expert Witness in Patent Cases: Special Techniques-DVD Set


Product Description

Patent work is perhaps the most lucrative of all expert witness case types. Fees for experts in patent cases commonly run in the six figures. How to Excel as an Expert Witness in Patent Cases: Special Techniques is designed to assist those technical and medical experts who wish to excel in patent cases or those who wish to break into this field. Patent cases are often the highest stakes civil litigation, with disputes in the seven to ten figure range. Attorneys in these cases are highly selective, well-funded and are looking for experts who understand the nuances of working on these challenging and rewarding cases.This DVD course will provide viewers with the insights, skills and information to enable them to excel at patent cases.

Who is this DVD course appropriate for? Existing or prospective patent expert witnesses. In terms of areas of expertise, the most commonly litigated and lucrative patent issues often involve data communications and networking, molecular and cell biology, electronic systems, integrated circuits, electro-mechanical and microprocessor-controlled devices, medical devices, computer hardware and software, voice recognition and synthesis, chemistry, food science, biochemistry, textiles, plastics, optics and imaging, x-ray systems, metallurgy, ceramics, magnetic recording, fluid control systems and mechanical devices.

7 DVD Set, 12.5 hours of instruction + 266 page written manual  


 ***30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Free Domestic Shipping*** 

Disc One:

✦ Patent Law for Expert Witnesses – Substantive

✦ Patent Law for Expert Witnesses – Procedural

Disc Two:

✦ Your Qualifications – How to Avoid and Defeat Challenges

✦ Claim Construction and the Expert Witness

Disc Three:

✦ How to Insulate Against and Survive Daubert Challenges

✦ The Role of the Expert in Markman Hearings

Disc Four:

✦ Patent Validity – How to Develop Defensible Opinions

✦ How to Market Yourself and Break into Patent Work

Disc Five:

✦ How to Market Yourself and Break into Patent Work (Cont.)

✦ Patent Infringement – How to Develop Defensible Opinions

Disc Six:

✦ Patent Infringement – How to Develop Defensible Opinions (Cont.)

✦ The Role of the Expert in The Discovery Process

✦ How to Write a Superb Report in Patent Cases – Special Techniques

✦ How to Excel as a Patent Expert at Deposition – Special Techniques

Disc Seven:

✦ How to Excel as a Patent Expert at Deposition – Special Techniques (Cont.)

✦ How to Screen Retaining Lawyers and Properly Manage the Relationship with Retaining Counsel

✦ How to Excel as a Patent Expert Witness During Direct Examination – Special Techniques

✦ How to Excel as a Patent Expert Witness During Cross-Examination – Special Techniques 

Here’s what your colleagues have to say about How to Excel as an Expert Witness in Patent Cases: Special Techniques:

“Presentations were electrifyingly interesting and informative”

“The Patent law meeting was superb and very educational.”

“Very focused and relevant. Looking forward to putting the information into practice.”

“This was far and away the best SEAK course I’ve attended.”

“Great course, Atty. Babitsky. I’ve the feeling it will be a game changer for me.”


“Thoughtful and well organized, extremely helpful.”

“Tremendous amount of material presented.”

“Very informative”

“Best course ever!!!”

“It was great – it provided comprehensive information that I need to work in the patent area.”

“You and your team did an awesome job,the faculty was world-class. This course was well worth the time and effort! A great value and tools that are immediately applicable.” 

“The conference was great.”

“Absolutely the best. I can't thank you enough for helping me achieve this next level. With this class, it will no doubt help me gain and start work in patent cases that I am ready to pursue. I have you and your organization to thank for my progressive and continued growth. Thank you!”


babitsky-thumb.jpgSteven Babitsky, Esq. is president of SEAK, Inc.,The Expert Witness Training Company. Steve has trained thousands of expert witnesses and has wide experience in preparing patent experts for depositions and trials.   


calman-andrew-thumb.jpgAndrew Calman, MD, PhD is an ophthalmologist and expert witness in San Francisco, CA. He is also an assistant clinical professor at UCSF. He received his BS and MS from Yale University and his MD and PhD from the University of California. Dr. Calman is an experienced patent expert with knowledge about pharmacologic patent law including Hatch-Waxman, Paragraph IV filings, inter parte review and BPCIA.  

gotro-jeff-thumb.jpgJeffrey Gotro, PhD is a chemistry polymer and intellectual property expert witness with wide experience in patent litigation. Dr. Gotro received his PhD from Northwestern University and his BSME from Marquette University. He has 59 technical publications in the field of polymers and has 14 issued patents and 5 patents pending. Dr. Gotro is President of InnoCentrix.  

speed-nathan-thumb.jpgNathan Speed, Esq. is a trial attorney in the law firm of Wolf Greenfield. Attorney Speed has experience litigating patent cases in federal district courts across the country, including in the District of Massachusetts, the Southern District of New York, the District of Delaware, as well as the United States International Trade Commission and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. Attorney Speed’s patent litigation and post-grant review experience includes a wide array of subject matters, including data protection and recovery software, 3-D printing technologies, computer and graphics processors, voice-over-internet telephone technologies, digital cinema cameras, bionic prosthetics, and pharmaceutical compounds.

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