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How to Find and Land High Paying Non-Clinical Jobs, October 18, 2019, Chicago, IL


Product Description

This hands-on, intensive workshop will show physicians contemplating a career change how to locate and land lucrative non-clinical positions.The focus is on finding and landing jobs paying as much or more than clinical medicine. The course will conclude with each physician drafting a customized action plan of how they will find and land their first high-paying non-clinical job. The material in this preconference is not covered in the main conference.

Friday, October 18, 2019, Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center, Rosemont, IL 

Click here for full conference brochure and details (pdf)    

At the Completion of this Dynamic Interactive Workshop, You Will be Able to:

   • Identify and persuasively articulate your strongest, most marketable skills.

   • Determine what specific career options are available to physicians with your preferences, values, and skills.

   • Learn what non-clinical careers are the best fit to your personality.

   • Nail your job interviews.

   • Understand what alternative and non-traditional careers pay.

   • Build a constantly-expanding network.

   • Form an action plan to start your new career. 

Location/Hotel Accommodations: Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians will be held at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel & Conference Center in the Village of Rosemont, IL. This full service “fly in fly out” property is easily accessible to Chicago’s O’Hare airport and provides complimentary 24 hour shuttle service to and from O’Hare Airport. SEAK has secured a special group rate of $149/night for single occupancy. Rooms are limited and this rate expires on October 9, 2019. To make your reservations, please call 877-337-5793 and refer to the SEAK Group rate or click here and use code K19.  


Alternate Hotels: 

DoubleTree by Hilton Chicago O'Hare Airport -Rosemont         

5460 North River Road
0.1 mi
From $142/night

Embassy Suites Chicago - O'Hare/Rosemont

5500 North River Road
From $158/night

Hilton Rosemont/Chicago O'Hare

5550 N River Road
From $168/night

Aloft Chicago O'Hare

9700 Balmoral Avenue
0.22 mi
From $144/night

Chicago Marriott Suites O’Hare

6155 North River Road
1.0 mi
From $185/night
The Westin O'Hare

6100 North River Road
1.16 mi
From $153/night

Hyatt Rosemont

6350 N. River Road
1.41 mi
From $243/night

SpringHill Suites Chicago O’Hare

8101 West Higgins Road
2 mi
From $158/night

Holiday Inn Chicago O'Hare

10233 West Higgins Road
2.36 mi
From $123/night

Sheraton Chicago O'Hare Airport Hotel

6501 Mannheim Road
From $160/night
847- 699-6300

Best Western at O’Hare

10300 W Higgins Road
3.03 mi
From $116/night


Registration Information: Tuition is $495 until August 18, 2019, $545 August 19, 2019–October 9, 2019, $595 After October 9, 2019.  

Cancellations: Conference cancellations received in writing on or prior to October 9, 2019 will receive a full tuition refund. Persons cancelling after October 9, 2019 will receive a full tuition credit.

Frequently Asked Questions     
Q.  Is the material covered in this preconference covered in the main conference? 
A.  No, this is unique content not covered in the main conference.  
Q.  How does this preconference fit in with the main conference? 
A.  The preconference sets up the career specific talks in the main conference and "connects the dots." It will also allow you to do a far better job networking at the conference and interviewing with the employers and recruiters.  
Q.  How many attendees also sign up for this preconference?
A.  A large percentage. 
Q.  Should I just take this preconference and forgo the main conference? 
A.  Not unless you have no other choice.  Only attending the main conference will allow you to obtain specific information on over 50 different careers, provides you the opportunity for 1-1 mentoring, and gives you the opportunity to interview for open jobs with recruiters and employers. 
Q.  Will the main conference recruiters, mentors, faculty and employers be available at this preconference?
A.  No, they are only available at the main conference.


babitsky-larger-circle.jpgSteven Babitsky, Esq. is a former trial lawyer who has trained thousands of physicians in the past 30 years. He has over 35 years of experience as a professional negotiator, has himself successfully made the switch from practicing law to a non-clinical career, and is an expert in networking, running a small business, medical-legal opportunities for physicians, responding to tough questions, persuasion skills, consulting, publishing, and turning ideas into money. He is the co-author of the book Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians. (www.nonclinicalcareers.com) 

mclaughlin-circle.jpgMichael J. McLaughlin, MD is co-founder of Peloton Advantage, a medical communications company. He received degrees from Harvard College and Columbia University. After four years as a plastic surgeon and hand specialist, he networked through a career change into medical communications. Along the way, he also founded Physician Renaissance Network (PRNresource.com), a free resource for doctors with non-clinical careers and interests, and wrote the book Do You Feel Like You Wasted All That Training? He wrote the medical thriller, Extinction, and collaborated with Dr. N. Michael Caputo on the innovative and controversial story, The Satin Strangler Blogs. 

kennealy-circle.jpgPhilippa Kennealy MD, MPH, CPCC, PCC is President of The Entrepreneurial MD. As an ICF-Certified coach and Certified Physician Development Coach, she works with physicians and healthcare leaders to unleash their leadership potential and transform the organizations, departments or companies they lead. Through her Physician Odyssey Program, she helps physicians further their non-clinical careers. She also coaches physicians to thrive as entrepreneurs and business owners. Dr. Kennealy is a Family Physician who left private practice in 1996 to embark on a hospital executive career at UCLA-Santa Monica Medical Center. Subsequently, she served as Executive VP in two internet start-up companies, before launching her coaching and speaking business. Philippa has extensive experiences helping physicians optimize their resumes, and using the tools needed for a successful career transition.  

mangraviti-circle.jpgJames J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq. is the co-founder and co-seminar leader of SEAK’s annual Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians Conference. He is the co-author of the book Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians (www.nonclinicalcareers.com) and the article The Biggest Mistakes Physicians Make When Transitioning to a Non-Clinical Career. Jim is a highly experienced presenter who has trained thousands of physicians on topics including expert witnessing, non-clinical careers, negotiating, writing, and how to supplement clinical income. He currently serves as a Principal of SEAK, Inc. an ACCME accredited continuing education, training, consulting, and publishing firm. In addition to his teaching and writing, Jim has mentored numerous physicians. He is a summa cum laude graduate of Boston College and a cum laude graduate of Boston College Law School.



8:00–8:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast 

8:30–9:15 Available Jobs and Where to Find Them

The faculty will review many of the financially and personally rewarding non-clinical career areas available to physicians including: consulting, education, management, biotechnology, public service, insurance, utilization review, forensic examinations and consultation, entrepreneur/business owner, writing, and many more. The faculty will also disclose how to best find high paying non-clinical positions. Each field will be evaluated according to potential earnings, need to travel, location, whether work can be from home, and which physicians tend to be the best fit in the field. Questions and Answers 

9:15–10:15 Selling Yourself and Leveraging Your Medical Degree and Experience

In this segment, the faculty will begin by utilizing a demonstration with a volunteer attendee to show the absolute importance of being able to sell yourself. Attendees will then learn specific techniques (with examples) on how to persuasively and confidently articulate how their skills, education, and experience as medical doctors should be characterized as talents that any employer would seek. Attendees will be provided with an extensive set of “talking points” that they can use to help articulate their transferable skills and why an employer should hire them. Questions and Answers 


10:30–11:15 The Truth About Non-Clinical Career Transition for Physicians

Dr. McLaughlin will recount his path from a practicing surgeon to a non-clinical executive, to becoming the owner of his own highly successful medical communications company. He will explain his successful methodology for career transition and offer frank comments about the process of transition, the time it takes, what sacrifices need to be made, and common issues physicians run into during transition. Questions and Answers 

11:15–12:00 How You Can Transition and How Others Have Transitioned

This segment will focus on identifying which careers you would most want, positioning yourself for your chosen career and landing your first job. The faculty will utilize numerous concise case studies of physicians who have successfully made the switch to a high paying non-clinical career. Included in each case study is the personal and professional background of the physician, what they were looking for, how they found it, and most importantly, the valuable lessons which should be learned from the examples. Questions and Answers 


1:00–2:00 How to Define Your Personal Brand and Express it on Your Resume

The faculty will explain what a personal brand is and how a personal brand should be used to distinguish yourself from the competition. The faculty will present a methodology for determining your personal brand and show attendees how to best express that brand on your resume. The faculty will provide practical, proven suggestions for drafting a more attractive resume. Questions and Answers 

2:00–2:30 Networking

Faculty will discuss how to start networking, the process to utilize, getting people to talk to you and help you, the questions to ask during your call, and the methods to use for follow-up. Questions and Answers 


2:45–3:45 Excelling at Your Job Interview

This segment will consist of numerous mock interviews with volunteer attendees. The aim is constructive critique to help dramatically improve performance. The faculty will review 12 rules for interviewing, such as 1) “Listen 80%/Talk 20%,” 2) “No negatives about anything,” and 3) “More good than bad.” Participants will learn to use “closing comments” to create lasting positive impressions. The group will review and learn to answer the 25 most difficult interview questions, including 1) “Why did you leave?” 2) “How are you different?” and 3) “What do you earn?” The faculty will discuss strategies for group interviews and learn the full power of thank you notes. Attendees will be encouraged to “start the job before you are hired,” and learn when and how to use references. Questions and Answers 

3:45–4:30 Your Action Plan to Land Your First Non-Clinical Job

An action plan is a one-page document detailing how you are going to find your new job. During this module the faculty will review sample action plans that can be used to find non-clinical careers. Attendees will be asked to draft their own action plans which will then be discussed and critiqued. Questions and Answers 

What past attendees had to say:

 “Excellent, all physicians should attend even if they plan to stay in clinical medicine”

 “Informative, eye opening, motivating”

 “Lots of helpful information on where to start”

“Absolutely excellent- exceeded my expectation” “Terrific”

“Absolutely excellent–exceeded my expectation”


“Could not have planned it better to fit my needs”

“Encouraging, more uplifting than I expected”

“Excellent content and speakers.”

“Excellent seminar to provide a much needed roadmap for a Non clinical transition”

“Excellent start to transition”

“Excellent, highly effective”

“Great overview of several skills, roadmaps and pitfalls.”

“Great overview, just enough information to be helpful but not overwhelming.”

“I appreciate specific, detailed advice. Pros and cons, do’s and don’ts, specific website/articles/books to refer to.”

“I think it was terrific, it covered a lot of good information that was useful.”

“I was able to outline an action plan with a focused goal.”

“I was very impressed with the content and felt like it helped focus things more for myself”

“Inspirational, wish I was here 20 years ago”

“It was interesting, eye opening, and made me think about what I truly want and what I can do.”

“It was very well delivered, good energy and atmosphere”

“Outstanding, excellent ideas”

“Seminar was informative with concrete information – recommendations from MD who has transitioned as well career counseling was great”

“Thank you! I appreciate all the work and insight reflected in the presentations and smooth organization of the conference.”

“Thanks to you and Mr. Mangraviti (and team) for organizing the SEAK conference. I especially enjoyed Friday's presentations. The sessions regarding interviewing and negotiating were particularly useful. I greatly admire your confidence, charisma, and communication skills!”

“The seminar was inspiring and is a very good starting point to show me how to make my goals more concrete. I fee encouraged that I can make a transition.”

“The supportive attitude was appreciated and made me feel empowered” “Fantastic. Really appreciate casual atmosphere and ability/time of speakers to ask questions.”

“There was a lot of useful information presented to get us going on the way to an alternate career.”

“Truly one of the best!”

“Very good – dynamic speakers relevant information”

“Very good! Much Specific information to apply in all job categories.”

“Very helpful and full of interesting content.”

“Very interesting, good speakers, enthralling.”

“Very thoughtful, optimistic.”

“Very well organized overall. With a lot of great information.”

“Well done, learned far more than I was expecting.”

“Well organized, great presenters”

“Well organized, wealth of information.”

“Wonderful, stimulating, useful.”

“You guys were awesome.”


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