How to Market Your Expert Witness Practice EVIDENCE-BASED BEST PRACTICES

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Blue Chip Expert Witness Practice

Learn how to dramatically grow your expert witness practice. How to Market Your Expert Witness Practice is based on the authors’ immense experience assisting expert witnesses and their first of its kind research collected from both expert witnesses and the trial lawyers who select and pay them.  

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• 8 proven techniques to obtain additional referrals through networking.
• How and where to advertise, including evidence-based data from over 250 expert witnesses and numerical rankings of 20 advertising choices.
• 23 easily implementable steps to make yourself more attractive to lawyers.
• How to identify, fill, and exploit a lucrative niche within your field.
• Best practices in positioning yourself, including 32 ways to improve your image and reputation.
• What every expert can do to obtain more repeat and word-of-mouth business based on extensive research data from practicing trial attorneys.
• Where to speak and publish and how exactly to best leverage speaking and writing into additional assignments.
• The most and least effective marketing techniques as reported by your colleagues.
• 7 techniques for identifying and reaching the specific lawyers most likely to hire you.
• Evidence-based data regarding exactly what trial lawyers believe should and should not be on an expert witness’s web site and statistical data on the cost and efficacy of an expert witness web site.
• What your minimum budget of time and money toward business development should be, what your colleagues are budgeting, and their return on investment.
• How to properly value a new client and analyze and evaluate your business development efforts.
• Evidence-based statistical data on advertising, including statistics on likelihood of success and backlash.
• The 10 steps to follow to grow your expert witness practice.
• Much, much more.


Chapter 1 Introduction and Executive Summary
1.1 The Six Golden Rules of Marketing an Expert Witness Practice
1.2 The Holistic 24/7/365 Approach to Marketing Your Expert Witness Practice
1.3 Understand How Much Each New Client Is Worth
1.4 Consider Positioning Yourself in a Niche
1.5 Identify the Lawyers Most Likely to Hire You
1.6 Make Yourself as Attractive as Possible to Potential Clients
1.7 Maximize Your Repeat and Word-of-Mouth Business
1.8 Decide If You Will Have a Dedicated Website and, If You Will, Create and Optimize It
1.9 Advertise
1.10 Network
1.11 Speak
1.12 Publish
1.13 Additional Marketing Techniques to Consider
1.14 Seven Major Marketing Mistakes to Avoid
1.15 Ten Steps to Expand an Expert Witness Practice

Chapter 2 The Six Golden Rules of Marketing an Expert Witness Practice
2.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
2.2 Rule 1: Nobody Can Tell You with Certainty How Well Any Marketing Technique Will Work for Your Practice
2.3 Rule 2: Try It Out and See What Happens
2.4 Rule 3: Track Your Results
2.5 Rule 4: Be Patient, Be Persistent, & Don’t Give Up Too Easily
2.6 Rule 5: Repeat What Works, Discontinue What Doesn’t Work, & Keep Trying New Methods and Techniques
2.7 Rule 6: Find the Time to Market Your Expert Witness Practice

Chapter 3 The Holistic 24/7/365 Approach to Marketing an Expert Witness Practice
3.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
3.2 Accessibility and Availability
3.3 The First Phone Call
3.4 The Expert’s Curriculum Vitae
3.5 Fee Setting, Fee and Expense Policies, and Billings
3.6 Work Product Quality

Chapter 4 How Much Is a New or Current Client Worth?
4.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
4.2 The Importance of Understanding the Worth of a New Client
4.3 Calculating the Value of a New Client: The Fee Multiplier
4.4 Appreciating and Preserving the Value of a Client Who Has Retained You More than Once

Chapter 5 Case Targeting: Niche or Generalist?
5.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
5.2 Niche Expert Witnessing
5.3 How to Identify Your Niche
5.4 Do I Need a Niche?
5.5 Will I Have to Restrict Myself to My Niche?

Chapter 6 How to Identify the Lawyers Most Likely to Want to Hire You
6.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
6.2 The Benefits of Market Identification
6.3 Defining Your Areas of Expertise and Geography
6.4 How to Find the Lawyers Most Likely to Want to Hire You
6.5 What to Do After You Indentify the Lawyers Most Likely to Want to Hire You

Chapter 7 Making Yourself as Attractive as Possible to Potential Clients
7.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
7.2 Your Promotional Materials and Image
7.3 Case Selection
7.4 Teaching, Speaking, and Communication Skills
7.5 CV Building
7.6 Staying Under the Radar
7.7 Gaining Testifying Experience or the Equivalent Thereof

Chapter 8 Maximizing Repeat and Word-of-Mouth Business Through Positive Branding
8.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
8.2 Accessibility and Availability
8.3 Assistance to Counsel
8.4 Communication Ability
8.5 Credibility
8.6 Cross-Examination
8.7 Deadlines and Promptness
8.8 Demeanor and Personality
8.9 Fees and Billing
8.10 Preparation
8.11 Report Writing and Opinion Forming
8.12 Quality of Testimony

Chapter 9 Creating and Optimizing Your Website
9.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
9.2 Should I Create a Dedicated Website?
9.3 What Should Be on Your Website
9.4 What Should Not Be on Your Website
9.5 Building Your Website
9.6 Optimizing Your Website: Search Engine Optimization
9.7 Maintaining Your Website
9.8 Paid Search Engine Marketing

Chapter 10 Where and How to Advertise
10.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
10.2 Should I Advertise?
10.3 What to Include in Ads
10.4 Ineffective Ads and Listings
10.5 Effective Ads and Listings
10.6 Where to Advertise
10.7 Experimentation, Tracking, and Persistence

Chapter 11 Networking
11.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
11.2 Past Clients
11.3 Colleagues and Related Professions
11.4 Targeted Lead Identification
11.5 Professional Organizations
11.6 Personal Relationships
11.7 Mentoring and Assisting Colleagues
11.8 Conferences
11.9 LinkedIn and Online Networking

Chapter 12 Speaking
12.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
12.2 Why Speak
12.3 Where to Speak and How to Get the Engagements
12.4 Costs and Risks

Chapter 13 Writing
13.2 Advantages of Writing

13.3 What to Write and How and Where to Publish
13.4 Costs and Risks

Chapter 14 Additional Marketing Techniques
14.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
14.2 Expert Witness Brokers and Referral Services
14.3 Direct Mail and E-mail
14.4 Newsletters, Ezines, and Blogs

Chapter 15 Case Studies
15.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
15.2 Ten Case Studies of How Expert Witnesses Have Successfully Developed Their Practices

Chapter 16 Conclusion
16.1 Introduction and Executive Summary
16.2 Seven Major Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
16.3 The Step-By-Step Method for Developing Your Expert Witness Practice

Appendix A Business Development Best Practices Research Results
Part I: Executive Summary and Recommendations
Part II: Data and Results from SEAK’s 2010 Survey of Expert Witness Practice Development Best Practices

Appendix B Research Results: Why Attorneys Will and Will Not
Hire an Expert a Second Time
Section 1: Executive Summary and Recommendations
Section 2: Responses Categorized and Presented in Bullet Points
Section 3: Attorneys in Their Own Words
Appendix C Website Best Practices Research
Appendix D Expert Witness Directories
Appendix E Expert Witness Brokers and Referral Agencies

About the Authors:
James J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq., Steven Babitsky, Esq., and Alex Babitsky, MBA are principals of SEAK, Inc. - the expert witness training firm.  They have trained thousands of expert witnesses, co-authored numerous books on expert witnessing, and created and manage SEAK's National Directory of Expert Witnesses (Containing over 1,500+ expert witnesses  The authors interact with experts on a daily basis and are constantly gathering evidence as to what works and what does not work to market an expert witness practice.
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