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Medical Malpractice Survival Training for Physicians-DVD SET


Product Description

Malpractice Survival Training for Physicians is essential training for any physician who is currently being sued or is at risk for being sued over the course of his or her career. We teach you how to give yourself the best chance of successfully defending an accusation of medical malpractice. We further show you how to be a more effective witness in your own defense. In addition, we teach you what you can and should do to assist in your own defense including making sure the insurance company hires the right lawyer, assisting in case preparation and expert selection, and making a favorable impression upon the jury. We also flag common and avoidable mistakes that can destroy an otherwise defensible case.

(5 DVDs, 10.3 hours of instruction and 158 page written manual) 


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Learning Objectives: You will learn:

How to be a more effective witness in your own defense at deposition and trial
How to make sure you are represented by the right lawyer and that that lawyer hires the best expert witnesses
How to best work with and assist your defense counsel
What makes plaintiffs angry enough to sue and how to avoid getting sued
How to make a favorable impression on the jury
How to understand and enforce your rights under liability insurance policies
Factors to consider in order to decide whether or not to settle a case and if so, how much to settle for
How to avoid common mistakes that can sink your case
How to avoid or minimize damage to your reputation


Here’s what your colleagues have to say about this program:

"Very valuable information and excellent format. Thank you!"

"Absolutely wonderful."



"Great educational experience-exactly what I was looking for."

"Excellent. Best presenter I have seen for many years."

"Excellent. Knowledge is comforting."

Distinguished Faculty:

donovan-thumb.jpgNadine Nasser Donovan, Esq., is a former trial lawyer with extensive litigation experience. She is a SEAK trainer and consultant, having been on the SEAK Faculty since 2002 and having trained hundreds of experts via SEAK’s scheduled courses, customized on site expert witness training programs, and one-on-one consulting for physicians and other disciplines. She is licensed to practice law in New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Ms. Donovan was a partner in the Boston based firm of Mulvey, Ennis, Keefe, and Donovan, LLC. Her practice area included the defense of medical professionals in medical malpractice actions and before medical licensing boards. In addition, Ms. Donovan is a Legal Writing Instructor at Boston University School of Law, and an Adjunct Professor at New England School of Law, Boston, where she teaches a course in Medical Malpractice. Ms. Donovan also serves as a Dispute Resolution Arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Ms. Donovan previously practiced litigation in New York City, first as a prosecutor in Queens, and then as counsel for the City of New York. Ms. Donovan received her J.D. cum laude from Boston College Law School. She graduated from Fordham University summa cum laude with a B.A. in French Literature. Nadine works one-on-one with malpractice defendants to help them improve their deposition and trial skills. She can be reached at nadine@seak.com or 617-791-4282.

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