Non Clinical Careers for Physicians

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Would you like a more regular schedule so you can spend more time with your family?

         Do you find practicing medicine repetitive?
         How can you recapture the career passion you once had?
         Would you like to finally be paid what you are worth—not what the government or insurers say you will be paid?
         Will you make less money or more money if you leave clinical medicine?    

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Here are just some of the questions SEAK’s groundbreaking work Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians answers:

  • What are the many traditional and non-traditional options available for physicians beyond treating patients?
  • What precisely are employers in multiple non-clinical fields looking for?
  • Am I too old or too young to transition?
  • Do I need to go back to school for an MBA or other advanced degree?
  • Which non-clinical career options and work environments would be a good fit for me?
  • How much money can I expect to make short and long-term?
  • Do I need to complete my training before transitioning?
  • What are the proven strategies for positioning myself for and safely executing a transition to a non-clinical career?
  • What will life be like in a non-clinical career? Will there be culture shock?
  • Where are non-clinical opportunities posted online?
  • How do I turn my CV into a stand-out resume?
  • What talking points should I use at my interview?
  • How can I network myself into a non-clinical position?
  • What will my job satisfaction be like if I am not seeing patients? Can I still make a difference? 

Q. Should you order this book? A. Yes – each and every physician who has reviewed the book agrees. Here is what they have to say:

"of great use in making a decision about a new career in a nonclinical situation....I have never seen another book that provides the information that is contained in this one." Book Review - Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. 52(2):228, February 2010.
“A well-organized, comprehensive and thoroughly readable guide to the various non-clinical career options available to physicians. A thoughtful, highly practical approach for physicians considering a career change.” Moshe Fuksbrumer, MD Teaneck, NJ

“I especially like the format with the bulleted executive summaries and the use of punchy real-life stories to bring home the points. My only complaint is that I did not have access to this book when I began my journey in 1996.” Kenneth H. Cohn, MD, MBA, FACS Natick, MA

“For doctors considering a fundamental career change, this book is like a GPS for the road not taken.” Eric Chevlen, MD Youngstown, OH

“An excellent comprehensive guide to help doctors make the giant leap from clinical to non-clinical careers. It is possible to do it and continue to keep food on the table!” Neil Shulman, MD Decatur, GA

“Excellent choice of topics - something every physician can use.” Joyce Johnson, DO Chevy Chase, MD

“The handbook, the roadmap, the Bible for those of us seeking to move from clinical to non-clinical careers. Thanks!” Bill Wassel, MD Toms River, NJ

“Thoroughly covers everything you need to know -- financial, emotional, and logistical -- before making the leap into a non-clinical career.” Maria Simbra, MD Pittsburgh, PA

“Great book! Practical and easy to read. An excellent resource for physicians at all levels of transition.” Kathy Bonapace, MD Rochester, MN

“Nicely balanced, straight forward and honest. Great job!” Ron Anderson, MD, MACP Dallas, TX

“I couldn’t put down your new book Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians! Love it, love it. I just wish I had it about 10 years ago!” Julia Pewitt Kinder, DO Cape Girardeau, MI

“An excellent resource for physicians considering a nonclinical career. I wish this were available to me several years ago.” Laurie Frueh, MD Arnold, MD

“Giving up ‘being a doctor’ in the traditional sense is not at all easy. The perfect prescription; practical, thorough, with innumerable examples, this book shows you the way and will be many an unhappy clinician’s salvation.” Michael Epps, MD Jackson, TN
“Packed with information, is a ‘must read’ for anyone considering a new professional direction.” Steve Flohr, MD Greenville, TN

“Another homerun for SEAK.” Robert Ellis, MD Elkhart, IN

“Lots of options presented in the book which were very helpful to see. The biggest surprise to me was that I now realize I do not need to change careers at this time, but can modify what I have to achieve my desired results.” Laura Rice, MD Wellsboro, PA

“All physicians interested in non-clinical careers must read, highlight and underline this book. The pages are filled with useful information.” Donald W. Brown, Jr., D.O. Muskegon, MI

“Rich with information.” Don C. Bienfang, MD Lincoln, MA

“Thorough, well-organized, and well written.” Joseph Zito, MD Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Very informative. One of its greatest values is that it helps the reader figure out the correct questions to ask himself and potential employers. The personal accounts of how physicians have made the transition and their experiences good and bad are invaluable.” Constantine Brocoum, MD Hopkinton, NH

“Concise and to the point. The organization of the book makes it easy to find desired information.” Lee Lawrence, MD Brookfield, WI

“This extremely resourceful but concise review walks you through all the processes needed to make the transition to a non-clinical career. It would have saved me hundreds of hours!” LaVonne Berg, MD Springfield, MO

“Part blueprint, inspirational text, career mentor and pocket strategist, this book is for anyone in the medical field who ever wondered if it was possible to optimize their life goals or change career paths. This book proves it’s never too late to pursue your other dreams. “ James Bell, MD, PhD Port Jefferson, NY

“This book addresses ALL of your questions and concerns (and even the ones you didn’t realize you had) regarding the change to a non-clinical career!” Carrie Cannon, MD Sewickley, PA

“A treasure trove of advice, situational case studies and anecdotes, along with a thorough analysis of the ‘why’s’ and ‘what’s’ of physician career transition before offering the ‘how’.” Philippa Kennealy, MD, MPH Los Angeles, CA

“THE place to turn for those considering a career change from clinical medicine.” Susan Rose, DO Brighton, MI


Chapter 1 The Truth About Clinical and Non-Clinical Careers for
1.1 Executive Summary
1.2 If You Are Dissatisfied Practicing Clinical Medicine, You Are Far from Alone
1.3 Compensation Consider Bonuses, Stock Options, and Equity
1.4 Succeeding in the Business World: Hard Work but Many Positions Offer Less Stress and Predictable Hours
1.5 What Your Parents Will Think
1.6 Finding the Passion and Enjoying Your Workday
1.7 You Can Still Make a Difference
1.8 Culture Shock and a New Pecking Order
1.9 Instability and Job Insecurity
1.10 Advice for Physicians Considering Leaving Clinical Practice

Chapter 2 How Hard Will It Be and How Long Will It Take?
2.1 Executive Summary
2.2 Should I Leave Clinical Practice?
2.3 Emotional Trauma
2.4 Family Support
2.5 How Long Will It Take and How Hard Will It Be? 
How Quickly You Decide on the Career(s) You Would Like to
Time Committed to Career Transition
Flexibility to Move or Commute
Required Initial and Long-Term Compensation
Current Financial Situation
Skills and Experience
Clinical Experience and Certification
Communication Skills and Personality
Business and Leadership Experience
Industry Experience
Advanced Education
Time Required to Position Yourself for a Non-Clinical Career Under
Your Action Plan
Economic and Industry Conditions
Networking, Resume Writing, Job Hunting, Interviewing, and
Negotiating Skills

Chapter 3 Traditional and Non-Traditional Non-Clinical Careers for
3.1 Executive Summary
3.2 Where Am I Going?
3.3 Traditional Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians
Pharma, Medical Device, and Biotech (“Industry”)
Occupational Health
Traditional Non-Clinical Job Titles for Physicians
3.4 You Can Do Anything: Non-Traditional Non-Clinical Careers for
Political Pundit and Commentator
Park Ranger
Financial Advisor
Wall Street Executive
Venture Capitalist
Patent Attorney
High-Tech Executive and Philanthropist
Forensic Handwriting Examiner
Professional Coach
3.5 Big Company or Small Company?

Chapter 4 Online and Traditional Networking Techniques That Work
4.1 Executive Summary
4.2 Networking Works
4.3 When to Network
4.4 Goals of Networking
4.5 Networking Techniques
Your Networking List
Gathering Information
Doing Favors for Your Network
The Experts Offer Excellent Advice on How to Best Network at
What Not to Do When Networking
Asking for Help
4.6 Six Action Steps to Getting Your Network Up and Running
4.7 Online Networking
Potential Online Networking Problems
4.8 Conclusion

Chapter 5 Where Non-Clinical Jobs Are Listed/Posted
5.1 Executive Summary
5.2 Introduction
5.3 Individual Companies
5.4 Medical Journals
5.5 Medical Societies
5.6 Generic Job Search Sites
5.7 Job Search/Posting Sites Specific to Medical Professionals in Non-
Clinical Careers
5.8 Government Jobs
5.9 Recruiters

Chapter 6 Pros, Cons, and Utility of Advanced Degrees Such as an MBA, MMM, MHA, or MPH
6.1 Executive Summary
6.2 Career Value of an Advanced Degree
6.3 Where and How to Pursue an Advanced Degree
6.4 More on the MBA Degree in Particular
Non-Clinical Position Sought
Time, Money, and Effort
Leaving Options Open
Empirical Research
Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting an MBA
Types of Physicians Employed in Non-Clinical Positions Who Have
Obtained MBAs
How Physicians Use Their MBAs in Their Non-Clinical Positions 171
6.5 Conclusion

Chapter 7 Drafting a Powerful Non-Clinical Resume
7.1 Executive Summary
7.2 A CV Is Not a Resume
7.3 Drafting Your Non-Clinical Resume
Start from Scratch
Sales or Marketing Document
7.4 Formatting Your Resume
Contact Information
Additional Information
7.5 Branding Yourself Through Your Resume
7.6 Conclusion

Chapter 8 Selling Yourself and Excelling at Your Interview
8.1 Executive Summary
8.2 Using the Interview to Allay the Fears of Your Potential
Positive Attitude
Attributes for Success Employers Look For
8.3 Interviewing Techniques
Interviewer Will Research You
Tap the Interviewer’s X Factor
Nailing Your Interview
Articulating Key Competencies
8.4 Interview Questions
8.5 Asking Questions at Your Interview
Examples of Questions to Ask at an Interview
8.6 Concluding the Interview and Sending a Thank You Note
8.7 Conclusion

Chapter 9 Transition Strategies and Tactics That Work
9.1 Executive Summary
9.2 The First Step: Figure Out What You Want to Do
9.3 Persistence and Time Commitment
9.4 Read The Wall Street Journal and Appropriate Trade Journals
9.5 Get Out Before Your Training Is Complete
Benefits of Early Transition
9.6 Seize Unexpected Opportunities When They Present
Seize an Unexpected Opportunity
9.7 Don’t Obsess about the Job Description
9.8 Easing into Work While Building Your Resume
9.9 Go Around Human Resources by Networking
9.10 Improve Your Communication Skills
Ditch the PowerPoint
Serve as an Expert Witness
Serve on Committees
Seek Honest Feedback
9.11 Use a Mentor
9.12 Finding a Mentor
9.13 Networking
9.14 Use a Recruiter (Headhunter or Executive Search Firm)
9.15 Go Back to School
9.16 Build a Brand by Finding a Niche
9.17 Read and Apply to Relevant Job Postings
9.18 Blitz a Targeted Industry
9.19 Create Your Own Job
9.20 Build Your Resume
9.21 Save Your Pennies
9.22 Earn and Maintain Your Board Certification
9.23 Continue Practicing Medicine Part-Time

Chapter 10 Negotiating Your Job Offer
10.1 Executive Summary
10.2 Preparing to Negotiate Your Job Offer
10.3 Get the Job Details First
10.4 Terms of the Offer
Stock Options
Fringe Benefits
Additional/Ancillary Income
Termination Provisions
Restrictive Covenants Not to Compete
10.5 Negotiation Strategies, Techniques, and Tactics
10.6 Conclusion

Chapter 11 The Biggest Mistakes Physicians Make in Transitioning to a Non-Clinical Career and How to Avoid Them
11.1 Executive Summary
11.2 Asking the Wrong Question
11.3 Waiting Too Long
11.4 Not Asking for Help and Mentoring
11.5 Thinking That an MBA Is Required
11.6 Not Networking
11.7 Being Discouraged by Rejection
11.8 Inflexibility
11.9 Not Realizing the Breadth of Opportunities Available
11.10 Thinking You Are Too Old for a New Career
11.11 Thinking You Must Finish Your Internship and Residency to Have a Viable Non-Clinical Career
11.12 Not Recognizing Your Transferable and Valuable Skills
11.13 Unrealistic Short-Term Expectations and Not Thinking Long-Term
11.14 Not Positioning Yourself Financially for a Career Change
11.15 Being Unduly Concerned with What Your Parents Will Think
11.16 Not Taking Every Opportunity to Gain Non-Clinical Experience While Still Practicing Clinical Medicine
11.17 Leaping into a New Career That You Might Like Less than Your Current Clinical Position

11.18 Not Getting the Buy-In of Your Spouse or Significant Other

Chapter 12 Conclusion: Roadmap to a Career Transition
12.1 Executive Summary
12.2 Fifteen Steps to Your New Non-Clinical Career

Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians
By Steven Babitsky, Esq. and James J. Mangraviti Jr., Esq. ©2009 SEAK, Inc. 

babitsky-thumb.jpgSteven Babitsky, Esq. is a former trial lawyer who has trained thousands of physicians in the past 30 years. He has over 35 years of experience as a professional negotiator, has himself successfully made the switch from practicing law to a non-clinical career, and is an expert in networking, running a small business, medical-legal opportunities for physicians, responding to tough questions, persuasion skills, consulting, publishing, and turning ideas into money. He is the co-author of the book Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians. (   

mangraviti-thumb.jpgJames J. Mangraviti, Jr., Esq. is the co-founder and co-seminar leader of SEAK’s annual Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians conference. He is the co-author of the book Non-Clinical Careers for Physicians ( and the article The Biggest Mistakes Physicians Make When Transitioning to a Non-Clinical Career. Jim is a highly experienced presenter who has trained thousands of physicians on topics including expert witnessing, non-clinical careers, negotiating, writing, and how to supplement clinical income. He currently serves as a Principal of SEAK, Inc. an ACCME accredited continuing education, training, consulting, and publishing firm. In addition to his teaching and writing, Jim has mentored numerous physicians. He is a summa cum laude graduate of Boston College and a cum laude graduate of Boston College Law School.