SEAK Directory of Medical File Review Consultants Listing



There is a large and growing demand for Board Certified, actively practicing physicians to perform File Reviews.

File reviews can be done from home, are low stress, do not require any patient contact or travel, almost never result in having to testify and generally pay $85-$200/hour or more.

If you are interested in supplementing your income by working from home, performing file/chart reviews, you should join our SEAK Directory of Medical File Review Consultants. 

File review consulting work is varied and includes: peer reviews, chart reviews, utilization reviews, 2nd opinions, underwriting reports, disability opinions and pre-authorizations.

We offer an unprecedented 100% money back guarantee for new members.


• No formal file review training or experience is required.

• Earn $85-$200/hr.

• All work can be done from your home office or anywhere you have access to a computer.

• Diversify your revenue sources.

• Gain marketable analytical and writing skills.

• Get paid to stay current on the latest medical developments.

• This is not expert witness work. Medical File Review Consultants are almost never called to testify.

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Frequently asked questions about SEAK’s File Review Directory

Q.  How large is the demand for file reviews?
A.  Enormous and growing.  Physicians are needed to perform millions of file reviews per year.  The ACA is adding millions of people to the insurance rolls, further driving demand.

Q.  Why is your file review directory so popular?
A.  This work can be done at home, is low stress, does not require any patient contact or travel and almost never results in having to testify. In addition, performing file reviews is an excellent way to stay current on the latest medical developments while at the same time, being compensated for your time.

Q. Do I need specific training to do File Reviews?
A.  No, no formal file review training or experience is required.

Q.  How much will I be paid?
A.  $85-$200 or more per hour depending upon your specialty, and the type of review you are performing.

Q.  Do I need to have an active medical license?
A.  Yes.

Q. Do I need to be board certified?
A. Yes.

Q.  What types of referral sources typically request file reviews?
A.  Health Insurers, Disability Insurers, Life Insurers, Casualty Insurers, Workers’ Compensation Insurers, Self-Insureds, Life Insurance Settlement Organizations, Medical Management Companies, Utilization Review Companies, Third Party Administrators, and Hospitals

Q. How much does a listing in the Directory cost?
A. The Standard Listing fee is $495, which includes a detailed listing on our website and in the printed Directory.

Q.  What types of assignments do medical file reviewers typically work on?

A.  Medical file reviews, Utilization reviews, Coding reviews, Chart reviews, Peer reviews, Second opinions, Underwriting reports, Medical Necessity Determinations, Concurrent and Retrospective reviews, Disability opinions, Pre-authorizations, etc.

Q. How many reviews can I expect to receive from your Directory?
A. That will depend on many factors including your specialty, your availability, how easy you are to work with and your work product. The only way to know how successful it will be for YOU is to join and try it out. Some of our members have made $100,000 per year doing file reviews.

Q.  Are there full time positions available for physician file reviewers?
A.  Yes, these are numerous employment positions with competitive compensation packages and benefits and many offer work from home possibilities.  The key to landing these jobs is gaining experience and learning how to deliver excellent reviews starting with your first assignment.

Here’s what your colleagues and referral sources are saying:

“In the past 18 months, the SEAK Medical File Review Directory has generated over 300 referrals, which has resulted in $100,000 in business. Thank you!”

"I am busier than a one armed paper hanger, thanks to your directory and the connections its led me to." 

"From your Directory, I have been contacted by about 5 companies, each company has requested between 200 - 600 chart reviews"

"I was listed in the SEAK File Review Directory for a year, and in addition to offers for "prn" case review work, a company called about a job which, full time, would pay $200,000 plus benefits, and part  time, 3 days per week, $120,000 plus benefits."

“Thanks to being a part of your directory I am basically slammed.  Happily slammed, by the way. I have recommended your directory and your course to a number of people.  Thank you!”

“I have gained at least four new business clients from the directory.  Two of which are using my services frequently!  I wish I would have listed with SEAK years ago when I was developing my consulting business. Thank you!”

“I am now doing a fairly brisk file review business, thanks in part to your course and Directory.  I have cut down my clinical practice to about 50%, and no longer do inpatient work...whew!!!”

“I registered with your Directory last year as an experiment, and it turned out to be a very useful investment. I'll be recommending it to friends and colleagues. Many thanks.”

"Last year, I signed up for your directory and was impressed by the immediate responses I received."

"I am happy to report that thanks to SEAK I was recently contacted by one of the organizations that provides disability review services to the insurance industry. As you may remember, I attended the Disability Consulting for Physicians conference. Well, two weeks ago I received a call from Seattle asking my interest in providing review of short-term and long-term disability cases. The caller indicated that he had received my name from SEAK. So, I want to extend my personal appreciation for your insight in putting on the conference."

"I have been getting several file review jobs from the SEAK listings!  I would like to kindly request a copy of the SEAK Expert Witness Directory as well.  I am considering adding myself to this directory as well. Thank you!"

“I use your SEAK Directories often to locate doctors. I take them with me to meetings so I can look up what I need, away from my computer. I get a very good response from your Medical File Review Directory.”

“We frequently use the SEAK Directory to locate doctors for File Reviews and find it very helpful.”

"We have found your directory to be a good resource for recruitment of peer reviewers in specialty areas where we may need additional reviewers. We appreciate having the directory available."

“This is a handy reference guide which I will share with our TPAs.”

“We appreciate all the work that goes into publishing these directories and we use them all the time.”

"From your Directory, I have had 5 or 6 referrals, of which, now I work with 2 regularly."

“I found the file review very interesting, challenging and actually learned from my reviews.”

“Your directory is by far the best, in my experience.”

 “Thanks to my listing with SEAK, I've become Medical File Review Consultant for three organizations. I receive regular work from them but see my work with them as a diversification of income source.”

 “I got a great customer from u guys and now I am too busy!  I would highly recommend your organization, and I do.”

 “I think the directory is terrific”

 “At this point because I now have so much review work (repeat from certain clients) that I can't really take on any more at the current time with my clinical schedule. (it is a testimony of the success of the listing).”

 If you have any questions, please feel free to call (508) 457-5150